Selected indicators for Russia


Population, Million persons, 2000-2020

146.5 million

Growth rate: <%population-growth-rate%>%

Income inequality

Income inequality, 0 = complete equality; 1 = complete inequality, latest available year


Mathematics performance (PISA), Mean score, 2018
Reading performance (PISA), Mean score, 2018
Science performance (PISA), Mean score, 2018

CO2 emissions

Air and GHG emissions, Carbon dioxide (CO2), latest available year

10.8 tonnes per capita


Gross domestic product (GDP), US dollars/capita, 2022
Real GDP forecast, Annual growth rate (%), 2024

Projected growth rate: -0.2%


Household debt, % of net disposable income, 2019
General government debt, % of GDP, 2020

Household debt:
37.4 % of disposable income

Government debt:
28.9 % of GDP